Small Business Insurance in Alberta

Doing what you love while owning and running a small business can change your life. There are many benefits, such as making the world a better place and becoming financially independent.


Small businesses in Canada are a big part of what makes our economy work. According to the Canadian government, 97.7% of all businesses are small or micro-sized. These businesses hire almost 68% of our private labour force and makeup 36.7% of our country's gross domestic product (GDP). 


But it takes grit, determination, and consistency to grow and sustain a great business. The path to success can be rough, and problems can arise suddenly. 


People who run businesses know they need a plan B in case something goes wrong. Complete business insurance coverage is essential for any company's success, continuity, and being able to handle the unexpected. 


The first thing we need to do is quickly go over what business insurance (also called industrial insurance) in Canada is.


What Is Small Business Insurance Alberta?

Small Business Insurance in Alberta

If you're a small business owner in Alberta, it's essential to protect your enterprise with the right insurance coverage. Small business insurance can provide you with financial security and peace of mind in case of unexpected events.


Business insurance is a customized policy that protects company owners against common risks. It makes sure that the financial losses caused by unplanned events like a natural disaster, accident, or lawsuit don't shut down your business for good. 


In essence, it protects your business's finances by giving the possible risks it faces to an insurance company in exchange for an annual premium. Commercial insurance usually has different types of coverage that cater to the needs and risks of your business.


The specific insurance needs of your small business in Alberta will depend on your industry, size, and unique circumstances. To ensure you have the right coverage, it's advisable to consult with an insurance broker or agent who can assess your business's needs and provide you with tailored insurance solutions.


Remember that insurance regulations and requirements may change, so it's crucial to stay updated and comply with Alberta's insurance laws and regulations to avoid legal issues and protect your business effectively.


Small Business Insurance Alberta That You Should Consider

You can insure your business in a lot of different ways, and it can be hard to figure out what kind of coverage you need and how much of it.


Here are different types of insurance that your business might need to make a complete policy:

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance protects you from the costs that come with claims of third-party injuries or property loss. For instance, if a customer or delivery person comes into your store or office and trips, falls, and breaks their wrist, they could sue you for damages. Lawsuits, even ones that don't have any truth to them, cost a lot of money very quickly. General liability insurance is meant to pay for the other person's medical bills and can help you pay for your own court defence.


Commercial Property Insurance

It doesn't matter if you run your small business out of your home or in a commercial place that you own, lease, or rent. You need commercial property insurance. It protects the building, its belongings, and your goods or inventory if they are destroyed or damaged by fire, water, or a natural disaster. It also covers losses you have because of theft or damage.


Professional Liability Insurance

In the same way that a general contractor, adviser, or accountant gives advice or services to their clients, you'll need professional liability insurance. This type of insurance, which is also known as errors and omissions (E&O) insurance, protects you in case someone accuses you of professional carelessness, failing to provide a service as promised, or making mistakes that cost your customers money.


Product Liability Insurance

Product liability insurance should be part of your coverage if you sell things online, distribute goods, or sell things in stores. 


This kind of insurance is also needed by professionals and business owners who sell, make, or distribute goods. It saves you from customer claims that a product you made, distributed, or sold hurt someone else or damaged their property. If you sell body lotion and one of your customers has a severe allergic reaction after using it, that person could sue you for money.


Some general liability plans may include product liability coverage. If that doesn't work, though, you can do that.


Cyber Liability Insurance

A lot of small businesses and people who work for themselves have websites, store their data in the cloud, and use email or a point-of-sale (POS) system. Cybercriminals also like to target small businesses, which is a bad thing. 


This kind of protection is meant to pay for the damage a cyberattack or data breach causes. It can help you by paying for legal help, crisis management, software that has been damaged by an attack to be restored or fixed, and credit tracking for your customers if their private information is stolen or leaked. Users who are hurt by an online event that you cause can sue you.


Business Interruption Insurance

Business interruption insurance helps your company stay open if you have to temporarily close for repairs after an insured loss, like a fire. It does this by paying your monthly overhead bills (rent, utilities, and staff payroll) and replacing the lost income. To get business loss insurance, you need to have commercial property insurance.


Tools and Equipment Insurance

Tools and equipment insurance can cover losses for contractors, plumbers, landscapers, handymen, and people in other skilled trades if their tools and equipment (bulldozers, backhoes) get lost, stolen, broken, or vandalized. It can cover power tools, hand tools, safety gear, and mobile equipment. 


Commercial Auto Insurance.

What kind of car does your company have? Do you use your own vehicle for work? As a result, you should get business auto insurance. This is because most personal auto insurance plans don't cover the cost of an accident involving a car or truck used to transport people, packages, materials, tools, or equipment. 


It's cheaper to get rental vehicle insurance for your business if it has five or more cars.


Commercial Umbrella Insurance

A claim or lawsuit can hit some business owners and independent workers so hard that it exceeds the limits of their current policy. You will have to pay for the rest if that happens. That lousy thing could not happen if you add business umbrella insurance to your policy. It gives you extra protection against huge or expensive liability claims that go beyond the limits of your primary insurance.


Legal Expense Insurance

In 2020, 700,000 civil cases went to trial in Canada, with small business owners being sued in about half of those cases.


Also, legal fee insurance is a cheap coverage that you should add to your policy. It helps pay for the different legal costs you have if you need to hire and keep a lawyer. 


This kind of coverage is much cheaper than paying a lawyer directly if you're being sued, need legal advice, need help with a contract dispute or debt recovery, or want to take legal action against another person or business.


What Is the Price of a Small Business Insurance in Alberta?

When it comes to commercial insurance, there is no set price or yearly premium. Each insurance company charges a different amount for coverage. 

How much a policy may cost you varies on a number of things about your business or job. When an insurer figures out how much to charge for a policy, they look at things like where you live, the services and goods you offer, how many employees you have (if any), the types of coverage you need, and the number of claims you've made in the past.


A basic general liability insurance, on the other hand, that covers up to $2 million costs about $450 a year.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Small Business Insurance in Alberta, Canada

Q1. What is small business insurance in Alberta?

Small business insurance, also known as commercial insurance, is a customized policy designed to protect business owners in Alberta, Canada, from various risks and financial losses. It safeguards against unplanned events such as natural disasters, accidents, or legal claims that could potentially shut down your business.


Q2. Why is small business insurance important?

Small business insurance is crucial for ensuring the continuity and success of your business. It helps cover unexpected financial losses, including those caused by property damage, lawsuits, or other unforeseen events, allowing your business to weather these challenges.


Q3. What types of insurance coverage should I consider for my small business in Alberta?

There are several types of insurance coverage you should consider for your small business, including:

  • General Liability Insurance
  • Commercial Property Insurance
  • Professional Liability Insurance (Errors and Omissions)
  • Product Liability Insurance
  • Cyber Liability Insurance
  • Business Interruption Insurance
  • Tools and Equipment Insurance
  • Commercial Auto Insurance
  • Commercial Umbrella Insurance
  • Legal Expense Insurance

Q4. What does General Liability Insurance cover?

General Liability Insurance protects your business from the costs associated with third-party claims for injuries or property damage. For example, if a customer or visitor is injured on your premises, this insurance can help cover medical expenses and legal defense costs.


Q5. Why do I need Commercial Property Insurance?

Commercial Property Insurance is essential to protect your business property, including buildings, equipment, and inventory, from damage or loss due to events such as fire, water damage, natural disasters, theft, or vandalism.


Q6. What is Cyber Liability Insurance, and why is it important for small businesses?

Cyber Liability Insurance covers damages caused by cyberattacks or data breaches, including legal expenses, crisis management, and data recovery. It is crucial for businesses that store sensitive information electronically.


Q7. How does Business Interruption Insurance work?

Business Interruption Insurance helps your business stay operational when forced to temporarily close due to an insured loss, such as a fire. It covers ongoing expenses like rent, utilities, and staff payroll while replacing lost income.


Q8. Why might I need Commercial Auto Insurance for my business?

Commercial Auto Insurance is necessary if your business uses vehicles for transportation, as personal auto insurance typically doesn't cover work-related accidents. It's essential for protecting your company's vehicles and employees on the road.

Q9. What is Commercial Umbrella Insurance, and when is it needed?

Commercial Umbrella Insurance provides extra protection when a claim or lawsuit exceeds the limits of your primary insurance. It is advisable for businesses facing the potential of large or costly liability claims.


Q10. Why should I consider Legal Expense Insurance for my small business?

Legal Expense Insurance is a cost-effective coverage that helps with legal expenses in various situations, such as being sued, contract disputes, debt recovery, or legal action against others. It can save you money compared to paying lawyers directly.


Q11. How much does small business insurance cost in Alberta?

The cost of small business insurance in Alberta varies widely, as it depends on several factors. Insurers consider your location, the nature of your business, the number of employees, the types of coverage needed, and your claims history. As a reference, a basic General Liability Insurance policy with coverage up to $2 million may cost around $450 annually.


Q12. Where can I find and purchase small business insurance in Alberta?

You can obtain small business insurance through insurance brokers, agents, or directly from insurance companies. It's advisable to compare quotes from multiple sources to find the best coverage and price that suits your business needs.


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