Sustainable Living in Cambridge, Ontario

Cambridge is located in Ontario, Canada, within the Region of Waterloo. It is known for its rich history and vibrant community. The city offers a mix of urban amenities and natural beauty, making it an attractive place to live and visit. 


Cambridge is home to various attractions, including the Cambridge to Paris Rail Trail, popular for biking and exploring nature. With diverse activities, cultural sites, and a welcoming atmosphere, Cambridge, Ontario, stands out as a dynamic and engaging city in Canada's Ontario region.


History of Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Cambridge was formed in 1973 through the amalgamation of the cities of Galt, Preston, and Hespeler, as well as the settlement of Blair and parts of surrounding townships.


The area's earliest history dates back to Indigenous settlements, with evidence of Neutral, Haudenosaunee, and Anishinaabe peoples occupying the region over the centuries. In the 1600s, the Haudenosaunee displaced the Neutral, and in the late 1600s, the Anishinaabe moved into the area.


The modern cities that make Cambridge have their own distinct origins:

  • Galt was founded in the early 1800s along the Grand River, attracting industries like mills, factories, and distilleries that drew European immigrants. It became known for its prestigious Galt Grammar School.
  • Preston and Hespeler were settled in the early 1800s primarily by Mennonites from Pennsylvania, developing as milling towns.
  • Preston was also known as a health resort due to its sulphur springs.


In the 20th century, the three cities developed heavy industry, including textiles, automotive parts, and pharmaceuticals. Today, Cambridge is part of the Waterloo Region, known for its high-tech industries and economic development.


Geography of Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

  • Cambridge is located in Southwestern Ontario, at the convergence of the Grand and Speed rivers.
  • The city covers a land area of 112.82 square kilometres and has an elevation of approximately 300 meters.
  • Cambridge is situated within the Regional Municipality of Waterloo and is one of the three core cities in the Waterloo Region, along with Kitchener and Waterloo.
  • The city is about 55 miles (90 km) west-southwest of Toronto.
  • Cambridge lies along the Galt and Paris Moraines, which are glacial landforms.
  • The climate in Cambridge is typical of Southwestern Ontario, with a humid continental climate and moderate winters.
  • Cambridge is well-connected by major highways, including Highway 401, Highway 8, and Highway 24.
  • The Canadian Pacific Railway's Galt Subdivision passes through Cambridge, though the city currently lacks passenger rail service.


Demographics of Cambridge, Ontario, Canada


  • The population of Cambridge was 138,479 as of the 2021 census.
  • The population has grown by 6.6% since the 2016 census.
  • The population density is 1,225.5 people per square kilometre.
  • The Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo census metropolitan area has a population of 575,847.


  • The median age in Cambridge is 39.2 years, lower than the provincial median of 41.6 years.
  • 17.7% of the population is under 15 years old, and 16% is 65 years and over.

Ethnicity and Immigration:

  • The largest ethnic origins are English (21.6%), Irish (18.7%), Scottish (16.9%), Canadian (15.5%), and German (11.2%).
  • Significant immigrant populations include Portuguese (8.0%), Indian (6.0%), Italian (4.3%), and Dutch (4.0%).
  • 92.8% of the population speaks only English, while 0.0% speaks only French.

Households and Income:

  • 68% of the population is married, compared to 71% provincially.
  • The average total household income in 2020 was $108,000.
  • The average after-tax household income in 2020 was $92,000.


Economy of Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

A diverse industrial base, strong economic growth, and a thriving business climate characterize Cambridge, Ontario, Canada's economy. 


The city has experienced significant economic development over the past years, with substantial investments in building construction and a growing population. 


Cambridge is known for its advantageous location, skilled labour force, and various industries, including manufacturing, automotive, textiles, plastics, agrifood, and technology sectors. 


The city boasts a vibrant economy supported by small businesses and major employers. Its labor force is categorized within the Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo Census Metropolitan Area. 


Notably, Cambridge's median employment income is close to $40,000, reflecting a robust and stable economic environment that continues to attract businesses and foster growth within the community.


Education in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Public Schools

  • Cambridge is served by the Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) and the Waterloo Catholic District School Board (WCDSB) for public schools.
  • The city has several public elementary and secondary schools operated by these boards.

Catholic Schools

  • Several Catholic elementary and secondary schools in Cambridge are operated by the WCDSB.

French-Language Schools

  • The Conseil scolaire de district catholique Centre-Sud (CSDCCS) operates two French Catholic schools in the Cambridge area.

Private Schools

  • Cambridge has a small number of private schools that offer families additional educational choices.
  • Private schools in Cambridge include Oak Bridge Academy, which specializes in education for students with learning exceptionalities.
  • The largest private school in Cambridge is Lee Academy, with 179 students from junior kindergarten to grade 8.
  • Tuition fees at Cambridge private schools range from $13,500 to $32,000 annually, averaging $21,500.

Post-Secondary Education

  • Cambridge is home to Wilfrid Laurier University and Conestoga College campuses, providing higher education opportunities.
  • The University of Waterloo, one of Canada's top universities, is located near the Waterloo region.


Cambridge offers a diverse range of public, Catholic, French-language, and private school options to meet the educational needs of its residents.


Transport Syatem in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

The transportation system in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, is well-developed and offers various options for residents and visitors to get around the city. 


The city is conveniently located along Canada's major highway, Highway 401, making it easily accessible from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), three airports, and several United States border crossings. Here are some key aspects of the transportation system in Cambridge based on the provided sources:

  • Public Transportation: Grand River Transit (GRT) provides local bus service in the Region of Waterloo, including Cambridge. The main bus station is the Ainslie Street Transit Terminal in downtown Cambridge. Go Transit also offers bus service to the Greater Toronto Area, with buses stopping at the Cambridge SmartCentre on Hespeler Road near Highway 401.
  • Active Transportation: Cambridge encourages cycling and walking as part of its active transportation initiatives. The city has over 280km of off-street trails and on-street bike routes, making cycling a convenient and eco-friendly commute method. Walking is also promoted, with fantastic trails available for residents to enjoy.
  • Carpooling and Ridesharing: Cambridge promotes carpooling to reduce traffic, save money, and improve air quality. The city offers MTO carpool lots and tools like GoTravelWise for employees to find carpool partners and track their trips. CommunAuto provides car-sharing services, offering access to vehicles for short-term use.
  • Train Services: The Kitchener VIA and GO Station are the closest train stations to Cambridge in downtown Kitchener. VIA Rail Canada trains travel from this station to London and Toronto, while GO Trains connect to the Greater Toronto Area with several stops along the way.
  • Taxi Services: Golden Triangle Taxi is a local taxi service company in Cambridge that provides convenient transportation options for residents and visitors.


Cambridge offers a comprehensive transportation system that includes public transit, active transportation options like cycling and walking, carpooling, train services, and taxi services to meet the diverse needs of its population.


Living in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

The key highlights about living in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada:

  • Natural Amenities: Cambridge has abundant natural attractions, including the Grand River, conservation areas like Shade's Mills and Riverside Park, and the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory. These provide ample opportunities for outdoor recreation and enjoying nature.
  • Thriving Food Scene: Cambridge has a vibrant and diverse food culture, with a range of local restaurants, cafes, and the historic Cambridge Farmers' Market offering a variety of cuisines and locally sourced ingredients.
  • Rich History and Heritage: Cambridge was formed in 1973 through the amalgamation of the cities of Galt, Preston, and Hespeler, each with their own unique histories dating back to the early 1800s. The city has a strong sense of heritage and historical significance.
  • Convenient Location: Cambridge is strategically located within the Waterloo Region, about 55 miles west-southwest of Toronto. It has easy access to major highways like the 401, making it a convenient place to live with good connectivity.
  • Diverse Economy and Employment: Cambridge has a diverse economic base, including manufacturing, automotive, technology, and business services. Major employers like Toyota have operations in the city, providing employment opportunities.
  • Vibrant Arts and Culture: Cambridge hosts various annual events and festivals, such as the Mayor's Celebration of the Arts and the Cambridge Riverfest, showcasing the city's cultural vibrancy.
  • Film and Television Presence: Cambridge's picturesque landscapes and historical buildings have made it a popular filming location for TV shows and movies, adding to the city's appeal.


Cambridge emerges as a well-rounded city that offers a mix of natural amenities, economic opportunities, cultural attractions, and a strong sense of community, making it an attractive place to live in Ontario, Canada.


Healthcare in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

The healthcare system in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, is well-developed and offers a range of services to the community. Cambridge Memorial Hospital is a key healthcare provider in the city, offering full-service acute care and being committed to providing exceptional healthcare to the residents. 


Additionally, other hospitals in the surrounding areas, such as Freeport Health Centre in Kitchener, Grand River Hospital in Kitchener, and St. Mary's General Hospital in Waterloo, cater to the region's healthcare needs of the region. 


Various hospitals, health centers, and walk-in clinics, like the Cambridge Walk-in Clinic and Delta Walk-in Clinic, ensure that residents have access to essential medical services and emergency care when needed. 


Moreover, efforts by the Cambridge and North Dumfries Doctor Recruitment Committee have successfully brought new family physicians to the community, helping to address the need for primary healthcare providers and ensuring residents have access to medical professionals when seeking care.


Tourist places in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Some of the tourist places in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, include:

  1. Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory: Located at 2500 Kossuth Rd, this conservatory offers a unique experience surrounded by butterflies.
  2. Cambridge Sculpture Garden: Situated at 53 Grand Ave S, this garden showcases various sculptures in a beautiful outdoor setting.
  3. Churchill Park: A popular park located at 200 Christopher Dr, offering green spaces and recreational activities.
  4. Shade's Mills Conservation Area: A nature reserve at 450 Avenue Rd, ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.
  5. Mill Run Trail: A scenic trail at 200 Sheffield St, perfect for hiking and enjoying the outdoors.
  6. Galt - Cambridge Downtown (BIA): This area at 43 Main St offers a charming downtown experience with shops and restaurants.
  7. Mill Race Park: A picturesque park at 36 Water St N, known for its natural beauty and relaxing atmosphere.
  8. Adam Boyd Historic Site: Located at 831 Hamilton St, this site offers a glimpse into Cambridge's history.


These attractions offer natural beauty, cultural experiences, and recreational opportunities for visitors to explore and enjoy in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.


Foods in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Some popular food establishments in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada include:

  1. Chicken Kitchen Cambridge: Located at 800 Franklin Blvd Unit C11-12, it offers a variety of chicken dishes with a rating of 4.5.
  2. Thirteen Food & Beverage: Situated at 13 Main St, known for its food and beverages with a rating of 4.3.
  3. Coffee Culture Cafe & Eatery: Found at 138 Main St, a cafe known for its coffee and eatery options with a rating of 4.2.
  4. Grain of Salt Indian Cuisine: This restaurant, located at 561 Hespeler Rd, unit 18, offers Indian cuisine and has a rating of 4.3.
  5. Red Basil Vietnamese Restaurant: Situated at 61 Main St, known for its Vietnamese cuisine with a rating of 4.5.


These restaurants offer a variety of cuisines and dining experiences for residents and visitors to enjoy in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.


Cambridge is also known for its wide range of cultures, which can be seen in its lively arts scene, delicious food, and community events. Festivals in the city honour music, food, and heritage. These events unite locals and tourists to celebrate their shared traditions and experiences.


Cambridge has many green spaces, like parks, riverside trails, and conservation areas, that draw people who love nature. Visitors and locals enjoy hiking, biking, and kayaking, among other outdoor activities, which connect them with the natural beauty surrounding them.


Cambridge, Ontario, is a great example of how community, innovation, and tradition can last long. People worldwide are drawn to this city's unique charm, whether exploring its historic sites, participating in its cultural events, or enjoying the beauty of its natural settings.


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