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Mississauga, a city in Ontario, Canada, is the seventh-most populous municipality in the country, with a population of 717,961 as of 2021. It is known for its proximity to Toronto and its multicultural population. 

Mississauga hosts over 60 Fortune 500 companies and is a hub for pharmaceuticals, banking, aerospace, and more industries. The city offers a balanced lifestyle with green spaces like the Credit River and a vibrant arts community. 

Mississauga is conveniently located near Lake Ontario and is within close reach of downtown Toronto and Niagara Falls. It is recognized for its welcoming atmosphere, diverse culture, and economic opportunities


Popular Tourist Attractions in The City of Mississauga


Some popular tourist attractions in Mississauga include:

  • Port Credit
  • Square One Shopping Centre
  • Jack Darling Memorial Park
  • Celebration Square
  • Downtown Strevesse
  • Rattray Marsh
  • Kariya Park
  • Lakefront Promenade Park
  • Bradley Museum
  • Erindale Park
  • Art Gallery of Mississauga
  • Walk or Bike along the Waterfront Trail
  • Benares Historic House
  • Adamson Estate
  • Fo Guang Shan Temple
  • Catch a Show at the Living Arts Center
  • Lake Aquitaine Park

These attractions offer a variety of experiences, ranging from natural beauty to cultural landmarks and shopping destinations. Visitors can enjoy the city's beaches, museums, parks, historical sites, and entertainment venues.

Historical Sites To Visit In Mississauga

Some historical sites to visit in Mississauga include:

  • Benares Historic House
  • Adamson Estate
  • Leslie Log House
  • The Grange (Robinson-Adamson House)
  • Bradley Museum Complex
  • Port Credit Lighthouse
  • Avro Canada Monument
  • Egyptian Museum Mississauga
  • Meadowvale Mill Ruins (Silverthorne Grist Mill)

Additionally, visitors may find interest in exploring other historic neighbourhoods such as Clarkson, Streetsville, and Meadowvale, each offering unique insights into Mississauga's rich history.

Local Cuisine in Mississauga

Mississauga restaurants offer a mix of Indian, Italian, Mediterranean, and other cuisines to cater to diverse tastes and preferences in Mississauga. For more dining options and recommendations from locals and foodies in the area, exploring online platforms like Reddit and local food guides can provide additional insights into the city's culinary scene.

Mississauga weather

Mississauga weather is pleasant. Mississauga has four seasons. The four seasons and the weather in Mississauga are:

Mississauga during the Winter

During the winter in Mississauga, the average daily high temperatures decrease by approximately 5°F, from 34°F to 30°F, rarely falling below 16°F or exceeding 51°F. The average daily low temperatures also decrease by about 7°F, from 29°F to 22°F, rarely dropping below 1°F or reaching higher than 40°F. 

The coldest month is usually January, with average highs of 30°F (-1°C) and lows of 19°F (-7°C). Winter in Mississauga is characterized by relatively consistent cloud coverage, with the percentage of time spent overcast or mostly cloudy hovering between 59% and 61% throughout the season.

Mississauga during the Summer

During the summer in Mississauga, the average daily high temperatures increase significantly compared to the winter, rising to approximately 27°C (80.6°F). The average daily low temperatures remain comfortable, with an average of 17°C (62.6°F). 

Summer in Mississauga is generally characterized by longer periods of sunlight and warmer temperatures, making it ideal for outdoor activities and tourism. The hottest day of the year typically occurs on July 19, with temperatures ranging from 64°F to 79°F (18°C to 26°C).

Mississauga during the Fall

During the fall in Mississauga, from September to November, the average temperatures gradually decrease from around 21.5°C (70.7°F) to 7.8°C (46°F) throughout the season. 

The warmest month in Mississauga is typically July, with an average high temperature of 24.8°C, while the coldest month is January, with an average low temperature of -6.1°C. Fall in Mississauga offers a transition from the warmer summer to the cooler winter season, providing pleasant outdoor activities and sightseeing weather.

Mississauga during the Spring

During the spring in Mississauga, the average daytime temperature ranges around 50°F (10°C), while the evening temperature falls to about 48°F (9°C). Spring in Mississauga marks a transition to milder temperatures, making exploring the city and enjoying outdoor activities pleasant. 

The gradual warming trend from colder to warmer summer months provides a comfortable environment for residents and visitors alike.

Schools in Mississauga

In Mississauga, various schools are catering to different levels of education. Here are some types of schools in Mississauga based on the search results:

Private Schools:

  • Private schools in Mississauga are in areas like Etobicoke, Erindale, Malton, Meadowvale, Port Credit, Erin Mills, Hurontario, and more.
  • These schools offer elementary, middle, and high school education.

Public Schools:

  • Mississauga has numerous public schools offering education from elementary to high school levels.
  • Some notable public high schools in Mississauga include John Fraser Secondary School, St. Marcellinus (Catholic), Glen Forest Secondary School, Cawthra Park Secondary School, and more.

Post-Secondary Institutions:

  • Post-secondary institutions in Mississauga include the University of Toronto Mississauga Campus and Sheridan College.

Historic Sites Related to Education:

  • Meadowvale Mill Ruins: Remains of the Silverthorne Grist Mill were first established in 1845 and demolished in 1954.
  • Benares Historic House: A Georgian estate with park-like grounds.
  • Bradley Museum Complex: Includes The Anchorage, Bradley House, a restored log cabin, and a barn from different historical periods.

These educational institutions provide diverse options for students seeking quality education in Mississauga.

Transportation in Mississauga

Transportation in Mississauga includes both public and private options.

Public Transportation:

  • MiWay bus system operates throughout the city, connecting major locations and neighbouring municipalities.
  • MiWay also runs specialized services such as Accessible Transit, Community Bus, and Express routes.
  • GO Transit connects Mississauga to nearby cities via train and bus service.


  • VIA Rail Canada offers passenger rail service to and from Union Station in Toronto, accessible from Mississauga.


  • Pearson International Airport, located in Mississauga, is a major international gateway for travellers from the Greater Toronto Area.

Road Network:

  • Mississauga features an extensive network of expressways, arterial roads, and local streets.
  • Major highways passing through Mississauga include Highway 401, QEW, and Highway 403.

Personalized Services:

For detailed schedules, route maps, and fare information, it is advised to consult official sources such as the City of Mississauga website, MiWay, and GO Transit.

Popular hotels in Mississauga

Some popular hotels in Mississauga based on the search results include:

  1. Hilton Mississauga/Meadowvale
  2. Hyatt Place Toronto/Mississauga Centre
  3. Delta Hotels by Marriott Toronto Mississauga
  4. Four Points by Sheraton Mississauga Meadowvale
  5. Holiday Inn & Suites Mississauga West - Meadowvale, an IHG Hotel
  6. Hampton Inn by Hilton Toronto-Mississauga West
  7. Courtyard by Marriott Toronto Mississauga/West
  8. Sandman Signature Mississauga Hotel

These hotels offer a range of amenities and services to cater to the needs of travellers visiting Mississauga.

Living in Mississauga

Living in Mississauga provides a blend of urban convenience and suburban comfort. The city offers a variety of housing options, ranging from apartments and condos to single-family homes, with prices varying according to neighbourhood and type of dwelling.

Some advantages of living in Mississauga include:

  • Access to excellent public transportation, including GO Transit, Mississauga Transway, and the upcoming Hurontario Light Rail Transit (LRT).
  • Abundant recreational opportunities, such as parks, trails, golf courses, and sports facilities.
  • A vibrant cultural scene featuring festivals, art galleries, and performing arts centers.
  • Close to Toronto, with quick access to the city's attractions and employment opportunities.
  • A strong economy is driven by aerospace, pharmaceuticals, transportation, IT, finance, and manufacturing sectors.
  • A diverse and inclusive community, with a significant percentage of immigrants contributing to the city's dynamic atmosphere.

However, the cost of living in Mississauga is relatively high compared to other parts of Canada, and housing affordability can be challenging, particularly near transit hubs. Despite these challenges, the city continues attracting newcomers and longtime residents because of its quality of life and potential for personal and professional growth.

Real Estate Market in Mississauga

The real estate market in Mississauga exhibits various trends and statistics, as outlined in the search results:

Median Sale Prices (Q4 2023):

  • Single Detached Homes: $1,301,100 (up 0.3% year-over-year)
  • Semi-Detached Units: $965,000 (unchanged year-over-year)
  • Condominium Townhouse Units: $775,000 (down 0.6% year-over-year)
  • Condominium Apartment Units: $590,000 (down 0.4% year-over-year)

Average House Price (Current):

  • Average house price: $988,874
  • 1,097 new listings in the last 28 days as of Feb 26, 2024.

Past Performance (2023):

  • Average Property Price: $969,041
  • Condominiums: $551,929
  • Condo Townhomes: $807,744
  • Freehold Townhomes: $1,003,392
  • Detached Homes: $1,273,694

Market Predictions:

  • The Mississauga Real Estate Board notes a slow increase in home prices except for condos, which saw a price drop.
  • Market conditions are shifting towards a buyers' market.
  • RE/MAX Canada's Fall Housing Market Outlook Report predicts flat average residential sale prices for the rest of the year in the Peel Region

The real estate market in Mississauga is dynamic and influenced by various factors such as housing types, market conditions, and economic trends. Potential buyers or sellers should stay informed about the latest market developments and consult real estate professionals for personalized advice.

Best neighbourhoods to live in Mississauga

Some of the best neighbourhoods in Mississauga include:

  1. Erindale is a charming neighbourhood with historic character, natural beauty, and a blend of residential and commercial spaces.
  2. Lorne Park: Known for its exclusive atmosphere, tree-lined streets, and luxurious homes.
  3. Port Credit: Offers convenience, a lively atmosphere, and proximity to the lakefront.
  4. Central Erin Mills: A mature neighbourhood with suburban comfort and urban convenience.
  5. Streetsville: Defined by its "Main Street," older housing stock, and a tight-knit community.
  6. Mineola: An affluent neighbourhood with multi-million dollar homes, custom builds, and a cottage-like feel.
  7. Meadowvale: Ideal for families seeking a balanced lifestyle.

Each neighbourhood caters to specific lifestyles and preferences, allowing prospective residents to select the best option. Remember that real estate values vary significantly depending on the neighbourhood and specific properties, so conducting thorough research and consulting with local real estate agents is recommended before making a final decision.

House on rent in Mississauga

House rents in Mississauga vary widely depending on the unit's location, size, and condition. According to the search results, here are some examples of current rental prices:

  • Three-bedroom houses for rent start at around $1,950 per month and go up to $5,000 per month.
  • Two-bedroom units typically range from $1,200 to $3,500 per month.
  • One-bedroom units generally fall between $1,000 and $2,500 per month.

Remember that these prices may fluctuate and differ based on individual listings. To find the most accurate and up-to-date pricing, it is recommended to check online listing platforms like those mentioned above.

Entertainment in Mississauga

Mississauga offers a variety of entertainment options for residents and visitors to enjoy. Here are some popular activities and attractions:

Outdoor Activities:

  • Popular outdoor activities in Mississauga include Rattray Marsh Conservation Area, Port Credit, and Jack Darling Memorial Park

Events and Attractions:

  • The city hosts various events at Celebration Square, community centers, and creative classes. Attractions include museums, marinas, public art, golf courses, the Living Arts Centre, Meadowvale Theatre, and more

Local Recommendations:

  • Residents recommend engaging in sports and outdoor activities, trying new restaurants, exploring different entertainment experiences, and visiting massage parlours in Mississauga

Whether you are interested in cultural experiences, outdoor adventures, or trying new dining spots, Mississauga offers diverse entertainment options to suit various interests.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Mississauga

1. What is the population of Mississauga?

As of 2021, Mississauga has a population of 717,961, making it the seventh-most populous municipality in Canada.

2. What industries contribute to Mississauga's economy?

Mississauga hosts over 60 Fortune 500 companies and is a hub for industries such as pharmaceuticals, banking, aerospace, and more.

3. What are some popular tourist attractions in Mississauga?

Some popular attractions include Port Credit, Square One Shopping Centre, Celebration Square, and cultural sites like Kariya Park and the Art Gallery of Mississauga.

4. What historical sites can visitors explore in Mississauga?

Historical sites include Benares Historic House, Adamson Estate, Leslie Log House, and the Meadowvale Mill Ruins, providing insights into Mississauga's rich history.

5. What cuisines are popular in Mississauga?

Mississauga offers a mix of Indian, Italian, Mediterranean, and various other cuisines. The local food scene caters to diverse tastes.

6. How is the weather in Mississauga?

Mississauga experiences four seasons. Winters are characterized by average highs of 30°F and lows of 19°F, while summers see highs of 80.6°F.

7. What educational options are available in Mississauga?

Mississauga has private and public schools, including notable high schools like John Fraser Secondary School. Post-secondary institutions include the University of Toronto Mississauga Campus and Sheridan College.

8. What transportation options are available in Mississauga?

Public transportation includes the MiWay bus system and GO Transit. Rail services, such as VIA Rail Canada, connect to nearby cities. Pearson International Airport is a major hub.

9. What are some popular hotels in Mississauga?

Popular hotels include Hilton Mississauga/Meadowvale, Hyatt Place Toronto/Mississauga Centre, and Delta Hotels by Marriott Toronto Mississauga.

10. What are some of the best neighborhoods to live in Mississauga?

Some desirable neighborhoods include Erindale, Lorne Park, Port Credit, Central Erin Mills, Streetsville, Mineola, and Meadowvale.

11. How is the real estate market in Mississauga?

The real estate market shows varying trends, with median sale prices for single detached homes at $1,301,100. It's advised to stay informed about market conditions and consult professionals.

12. What entertainment options are available in Mississauga?

Mississauga offers outdoor activities, events at Celebration Square, museums, theaters like the Living Arts Centre, and a vibrant local recommendation scene for sports, dining, and relaxation.

13. How much does it cost to rent a house in Mississauga?

Rental prices vary based on location, size, and condition. Three-bedroom houses can start at $1,950 per month, while one-bedroom units may range from $1,000 to $2,500 per month.

14. What are the living advantages and challenges in Mississauga?

Advantages include excellent public transportation, recreational opportunities, a strong economy, and a diverse community. Challenges include a relatively high cost of living and housing affordability concerns.

15. How can I stay updated on Mississauga's real estate market or events?

To stay informed, you can follow local real estate boards, consult professionals, and explore online platforms. For events and entertainment, check the city's official website and local event calendars.


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