How many lakes are in Canada

What is the total count of lakes within Canada and how does it compare to other countries globally?

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Canada has the most lakes in the world, with approximately 879,800 lakes. This far exceeds other countries like Russia (about 2 million lakes including small ones), the United States (around 125,000 lakes), and Finland (about 187,888 lakes). Canada's extensive glacial history and vast land area contribute to its high lake count.

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Canada is renowned for its vast number of lakes, boasting more freshwater than any other nation. Estimates suggest that there are at least 2 million lakes across the country, covering approximately 7.6% of the Canadian landmass. These water bodies play a crucial role in the Canadian ecosystem, supporting diverse wildlife and providing essential water sources for agricultural and residential use. Among these, the Great Lakes, which Canada shares with the United States, are the largest, with Lake Superior standing out as the biggest freshwater lake by surface area in the world. Lakes are not only pivotal to Canada’s natural heritage but are also key attractions for both tourism and recreational activities, making them integral to the national identity and economy.

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