When did newfoundland join Canada?

What was Newfoundland before joining? Pros and cons of Newfoundland joining? Why was Newfoundland joining Canada important?

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Before joining Canada in 1949, Newfoundland was a dominion of the British Empire, enjoying a degree of self-governance similar to that of Canada and Australia. The decision to join Canada was driven by economic difficulties and political instability after World War II, which strained Newfoundland financially. Joining Canada had several pros, including economic aid, stability, access to broader markets, and social welfare programs that promised improved living standards and healthcare. However, there were also cons, such as losing Newfoundland's independent status and concerns over local governance and cultural identity potentially being overshadowed by larger provinces. Newfoundland's inclusion in Canada was significant because it expanded Canada's geographical boundary, enriched its cultural tapestry, and strengthened the country's economic and political landscape on the eastern Atlantic front.

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